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tv   [untitled]    September 7, 2011 8:31am-9:01am EDT

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very much for joining us well as expected to court didn't stop a second bailout and germany's participation in it but how do you think its decision may make future bailouts more difficult the complaint has been that. the bail out. is inconsistent with. budgetary law. because it's an open ended commitment. in fact it's it's limited informed but it may make it a lot more. and the second problem. is that two of the democracy principle. is. not. the procedural it's being rather general not very detailed. and the problem is that. the bail out is likely
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to impair the stability of the europe. because it. will lead to more and more government debt. and if the various member states increase their debt they. it's the same time you. are subject to a stronger and stronger incentive to inflate to inflate the debt away but to support them. so they would exert pressure on the european central bank which they have time already last year and this year and the european central bank. and central bank cals who of course want to be reappointed by their governments they're not so independent they want to be rude pointed they may give in to this pressure on these other three problems and how much does this undermine the integrity of the euro. the wind up. consequences. this this these pay all this will not
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continue. that will be stopped and we'll see. the government and also many people in the government don't really likes it so the liberal party doesn't really like it but they feel they are too weak to stop it and . knowledge they. can use the. this decision to go. to all polls generous bailouts let's go back to what started all of this and greece how strongly would you describe the anger being directed at greece now. in germany as the anger is so enormous. all. the majority of people who have been called absolutely against since. the economists or all this or even more so i would say. greece is where the
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ball still fall because saw. the previous greek government has been very spendthrift has accumulated very large deficits even before the financial crisis. greece has been a member state of the euro zone which has most frequently violated its stability and growth pact. so they are really causing say that they are the victim of the financial crisis. infected was not only the conservative government before this one but also the socialist government before the conservative government solids that's a real greek problem it's not a party problem. and then we see that. the greeks are buying gold with the money they get from the bailout fund. very unpopular
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and they are not really implementing the conditions. which had been attached with the credits. and. it is well known that tax morag is very poor in greece and saw the germans very upset about greece much more baku son aboard portugal and. some people started to comment that the markets are looking worryingly like they did before lehman brothers collapsed three years ago how serious is this financial crisis that we're. i think the crisis is not not serious it's not comparable to leave them rather it's. lehman brothers panic was due to the fact that there was a medium sized bank that's one thing which collapsed and people didn't call. any further banks would also be allowed to collapse and whether the money supply
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would contract as happened in the great depression saw it was so there was a lot of uncertainty. since the financial crisis however we have. to support failing banks we have the experience that the governments have supported the failing banks and the money supply has not contracted and the monetary base has also not contracted so that we have had the experience that the governments are. very well able to deal with the crisis there is a growing chorus of voices that says if greece can't manage its fiscal affairs properly it should suffer the damage what would be the consequences of such a decision were taken to that default what if if the greek government to her default to it openly. yes some bangs
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many bangs would have losses they were tough write downs. the greek pairings would not be able to stand before all of the greek government we have had many sovereign debt crises in the last thirty years lots of countries have defaulted the government declares a moratorium on greek government says so we are unable to service all that sorry and can we please have to go she oceans with the banks and the other creditors and then that would be a haircut as a just call to. the banks have to swallow it if if if the bailout funds. not increased any more then. then the default would be inevitable so they are really trying to postpone the inevitable the monetary union of the euro's been going for over a decade now how likely is it that by trying to resolve this crisis we bring for
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the likelihood of a fiscal union to know that. the fiscal union would weaken the independence of the central bank because if you have. an economic government as sarkozy says to film our economy. then you have a strong contact weigh it against the european central bank and they can put combine political pressure on the european central bank which is bad for all stability of the currency i want to see this would be really very bad on the other hand we need more fiscal discipline but the way to get the fiscal discipline is not a fiscal union in the what is in the sense of this economic government but to strict rules strict rules for deficits which. with with sanctions in case of fire and this. see or original idea of stability and growth
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pact this was excellent but. then the governments decided not to implemented this was into solving the five. and what we really need now is revamping the stability and growth pact with automatic sanctions. this would require a change in the treaty. but since the government's one to change the treaty any whole in order to allow bailouts they could do that to the same time observers in the usa have been watching all of this with increasing consternation and they've been calling for more europe not less right know how likely is that to happen the united states. administration. has two obvious interests first of all they don't want to support their banks again so they want to avoid losses for their banks so they like to bail out. secondly they want.
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a stimulus for the business cycle in america from abroad they have always wanted to act since the one nine hundred fifty s. we have that so they are always so clamoring for expansion policies abroad. the bailout. bailouts. prevent the greek government from being as restrictive you need to expenditure policy has would have to be in the case of a default if you have a default you do not get any more money in the capital market but what we are having now is they still get money. from the other governments saw this system is better for the greek government then by default and it would lead to. more government expenditure then in the case of the thief some commentators have been saying that in. efforts to try and solve this crisis the likelihood of
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a united states of europe as it's being called is growing ever closer if that did come about what do you think it would look like i think initially it would be. less centralized than the united states of america. would be more like switzerland or kind of that. but we know from history that once you create a federal state. there are strong forces of false centralized that. this has even been the case in switzerland. not in canada but that's a scary special. that's very special because in canada we have. a province of quebec which is quite powerful and would try. tries to prevent the sexualization and maybe maybe britain maybe britain will will
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be with the club because of fuel. slowing the style but the question is of course whether britain will want to remain at this type of federal state professor travel thank you very much for your time you know. the worldwide manhunt for him lasted for fifteen years. and one million year old laura bush promised race come true. political must murder for the west. and national you're also minions you. general in the syrian army. about my age here are criminals.
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in order to. the east. the looming subsists . six. six six six. six. six six six three knew the latest in some instances the chief from around six the future earth covered.
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six. six six six six. six six. more news today violence is once again flared up the from these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada asks corporations are all the tests. right somehow the breaking news we're getting here at r.t.e. a passenger plane has crashed on the runway near the central russian town of yet us
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level thirty six people are reported to have died will be aircraft is a russian made yak a y e k forty two which has a capacity for up to one hundred twenty people now are it's understood the plane that cost far just after takeoff will bring you more details on this breaking news story as soon as we get them. germany's highest court rules of the country's bailout billions for struggling nations are legal. permission the next time she wants to run to the rescue. for debbie glass rocks in u.s. capitol ten people are dead and dozens injured in the city's worst attack in nearly three years. moscow appeals to the global community not to repeat history's mistakes by leaving libya and syria in a sham. now it's time for the sports news with kate.
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and i walk away as they often are sports update life from moscow for their actions that night of european football and writing that the u.s. open and here are the headlines still in front russia remain top of the euro two thousand and twelve qualify as. goal is draw at home to ireland but all media are on the whole i use. wall going through all the new up and champions spain and four time world cup winners italy secure their places that next summer's european finals victories on tuesday night. and six of the worst spots strike avella today's battle for six russian premier league games clash based on goalkeeper igor i can't say if out for six months. so let's start with football and don't. big night here i twenty twelve action across the continent russia missed the chance to extend their lead at the top of group a they were health with frustrating goalless draw at home to wild in which they dominated rich and poor from reports. russia came into
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a clash of violent knowing they were up against a side but hadn't conceded a goal in the last six matches however the home team went out to a night run and andrea sharma in one close here only to beat annoyed by a smart start but it is to keep push a given given who is a dive of the match but once again for the home team as he flung himself to his right to the eagle some show of what would have been his second goal in four days for his country however when the irish people is finally beaten he had richard dunne to think it makes a moot point because of the councilmen of a ball fall to some shoulder notions of space however the dinar mosco midfield his effort was brilliantly stopped on the line by the aston villa central defender for some however this does went into the half time break goalless by the russians throwing thirteen shots on goal to islands one. russia continue to dominate after the resumption andrea shoving was once again excellent for the home side he was
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helps enormously by the r.h. defends his reluctance to closing down yourself or would find some shot again whether thirty three year old elected to pass to roman publishing co when trying to get a shot on target would surely have been the better option with time running out of the russians threw everything at a resolute irish defense in just two minutes from time consulting the owner of what he'd wanted for dick of the count's men but given was once again in the right place of the right time to deny a busy midfielder with his legs to russia had to settle for points out of the car said his science full finishing rather than ireland's resolute defending was the main reason his team failed to get a much needed when. players. who do feel the score again was all respect you know when you play against ireland they will do everything but even when the game the first game there we played tonight not even much better than
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the first game and if you can do that against a team like ireland. who gives a little confidence in exam results i learned you stay well in contention to try and qualify automatically for next year's european championships and giovanni trapattoni was full of praise for his signed a place that's your own little germination there placation of the players especially the senior players were done given. it was actually this gave the younger members of our squad so much inspiration this helped us get what i believe was a golden point so russia missed a golden opportunity to extend their lead at the top of group b. and bell now face a crucial encounter in bratislava next on the seventh of october. moscow. well in the meantime good they was blown wide open by all means stunning for nowhere in slovakia the victory pulled the armenians level with the slovaks in third place one point behind on a top attorneys island macedonia one one militant two one fourth and andorra in the
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other group managed to confirm with two games left to play russia are on top with seventeen point two ahead a violent next one door on yet rise to first of all places macedonia next. two places for the next leaders russia trip made less daunting to take out because men after that surprise only think twenty or so everything to fight for england they've got reigning world and european champions spain already through it ended about spacemen clinching top spot in group by following a comprehensive six nowhere to minnows mixing stein about and the grey though and they're adding a brace each and scotland's moved to within two points of second place czech republic despite missing a penalty in the first after steven naismith early in the second if they scots a narrow one zero victory as opposed to the theory of. wells where four time world champion italy also qualified for the finals they are unassailable at the top of group c. dredging slovenia one mill in florence and eighty fifth minute goal by substitute
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john paul about feeney did the job. serviette maintained second spot off to beating the pharaoh on three won but a study of breathing down their necks just a point behind they thrashed northern ireland for one also at home. while on the verge of going straight on twenty seven world cup runners up the netherlands get on a you have a one hundred percent record really just one point from their remaining eighty games after they beat ten one finland is still in helsinki sweden and hungary a joint second in group a post with easy winners on the night. turn like the netherlands england need just one point of a spot in the finals manager fabio capello admitting off with his side's unlucky to edge wales one at wembley the youngster she fit without form also in group switzerland came from behind to transfer ten month old various three want to gain ground in second place montenegro a country england is facing in their only remaining game next month. for the world
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the lust of experience and the very good very good that would just drew very little to the story the mug the those were the silver. six boy the more the better they go and now we go to break the border. with the more relaxed. while back in russia spot expositions star striker of ellison has been handed a six game ban after a clash in last month's moscow dobby their take on russia goalkeeper iraq in favor for six months by collision left the shortstop of badly injured the russian regular damage his crucial ligaments will be absent at least february when he set to miss the rest of the domestic season as well as his country's you're twenty two of qualifying campaign and also years ago ballots and also injured bendin i'm a keeper of a prolific brazilian forward breaking the number one was in a similar clash of though is now sets to deputize for kids i have a taste in a joint top of the table with eight games to go. and it's now in the u.s.
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open last a day's play on tuesday off the heavy rain whoa. two proceedings in new york several came matches were shot on tuesday including the men's four strong passions featuring rafael nadal and andy murray as well as two women's quarter finals where russia is going to spawn a rival by australia some size and the organizers re szechuan all the time for wednesday but showers are still continuing new york. and finally russia's parachutist dominated at the recent european freefall start an accuracy landing championships in serbia it was a costly hoax at the trials and tribulations faced by these high flying and fossil ending competitors. ascending to cruising altitude of one thousand metres is followed by a swift freefall back down with virtually no margin of error the competitors expected to land on a dime with a dead center sweet spot only two centimeters in diameter and while such consistent precision landings may seem far fetched to the uninitiated they're considered to be
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the fundamentals of the sport job when you had every athlete must always learn the basics of their sport before going any further calculating would jump is the most fundamental aspect of parachute sports and safety that's why i believe all youngsters should start with the classic parachuting discipline we've got kids coming in at sixteen years old some of who go to become junior world champions by twenty. the individual acrobatics program meanwhile requires one to twist and turn in the air at an alarming rate and simply executing flashing criss movements is not enough either. the judges getting the opposite of bird's eye view for this event to see if participants can keep a straight of a trajectory is possible while they perform the flips and like in every sport be a successful high flying daredevil requires a specific skill set and personality but if he's. undersize being brave i believe
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anyone participating in this will must be physically developed and have coordination wolf it will definitely help for insurance while playing billiards will help one make more precise landing calculations russian women proving to be the bravest in serbia take in the overall honors and dominating fashion the czechs showed just a little bit more savvy than the russians in the men's event goal to win gold frenchwoman deborah planned for zero meanwhile said the world record for her lending persuasion six consecutive landings just one centimeter off putting her exactly where she wanted to be every time a total of seventeen countries taking to the skies but russia's main parachute man hopes for more local support in getting high prove choice that we humans have always had dreams of reaching for the skies and flying we created planes and rockets and the school that we have today is another manifestation of that desire to fly safely our government will notice and help our efforts allowing us to raise
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our level of performance. and while the more grounded sports seem to get more exposure these daredevils are hoping this competition continues to take off in russia and worldwide even sikorsky r.t. . now before i go let me bring you some more details of the breaking news here a saute of that passenger plane crash in the russian city of yarra savile and it's thought that russia's lucky what if i saw kitty was on board the aircraft stay with r.t. as we get more details of that plane tragedy. hungry for the full story we've got it. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the newsmakers.
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she's available in the demand this type be her turn to. be the how it pulls of her
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to be sure to turn the hotel hotel while show his the groom's return the show would hotel and soon will be hotel to the show to overturn the slim hotel resort evergreen the old hotel telling the grand victorian hotel the glory of prince hutto old springs resort and spa tied to a hotel while she penned the ambassador hotel. the evergreen close a hotel in time to learn this hotel time ambassador type the hotel full points and how would prince or to the splendid hotel in touch with the hotel and touch your room the photos a good go how would international house. every green lol he told. us all we care what we know that a passenger plane has just crashed outside of the city of kabul where of course the
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global policy forum is taking place we know that thirty four people are confirmed dead three in critical condition thirty seven were on board. rules of the country's bailout of billions for struggling nations are legal but warns aguilar cultural how to ask the next time she wants to run to the rescue. with colonel gadhafi now surrounded by the rebels our team looks at how libya might become a breeding ground for extremists and face an even bigger civil war. a deadly blast . rocks india's capital is a lover that people and are dead and dozens injured in the city's worst attack in nearly three years.


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